Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ

 Bread, Olives, Butter
 Liver, Tuna or Sardine paste
 Sheep cheese or cured goat cheese
 Mountaineering salad (tomato, bell pepper and onion with olive oil and vinegar)
 Boiled or fried shrimp

Dishes of the day (20-11-2017)
 Hake fillets fried in egg and flour (with peas rice)
 Grilled chicken steaks with mango sauce (with French fries and rice)
 Fried pork meat with shrimp (with French fries and rice)
 Meatballs with spaghetti

Other dishes
 Grandmother's codfish (fried cod with potatoes and onions)
 Boiled hake with potatoes and egg
 Grilled sea bass (with boiled potatoes and salad)
 Grilled salmon (with boiled potatoes and carrots)
 Shrimp ašorda (a panada –basic dish made out of bread– with shrimps)
 Shrimp omelet
 Grandmother's pot (pork with shrimp, mushrooms and cream)
 Grandmother's beef steak (with mustard sauce, toasted bread and egg)
 Grilled steak with tartar sauce
 Grilled cutlet of veal
 Pork steaks Ó SŃo Francisco (small pork steaks fried in red wine with blood sausage)
 Lamb cutlets
 Alheira de caša (kind of sausage made with bread, venison, wild boar and pork with French fries and fried egg)
 Alheira de Mirandela (kind of sausage made with chicken and pork –exclusive of the Portuguese northeast– with French fries and fried egg)
 Grandmother's hamburger
 Small beef, pork or turkey steak (with French fries and fried egg)

Vegetarian dishes
 Soy sausage
 Leeks Ó Brßs (leeks mixed with tiny French fries and involved in scrambled eggs)
 Ašorda de grŃo (a panada –basic dish made out of bread– with chick peas and poached eggs)
Soy patties with vegetable
Vegetable crepes

Custom menu
(minimum 2 persons Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ please notify us with at least 24 hours in advance)
 Grandmother's fish soup
 Fish stew (an assortment of fish gently stewed with a variety of vegetables)
 Fish head boiled
 Dinner in the Alentejo fashion (chick peas with different sausages, pork and lamb)

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Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ       Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ       Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ

Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ
R. Veiga da Cunha, 34
2710-627 Sintra

Sintra Restaurant Sopa d'Avˇ 218 073 089

Closed on Sunday

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